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About Me

I’m a girl from the land, growing up on the family farm at Perenjori, in Western Australia’s central west, where I still live. I love capturing the different aspects of rural life and hope to show people the beauty of living on the land. You’ll often find me with my camera, chasing that golden light.

I received my first camera for my 6th birthday, but it wasn’t until I was in my early teens that my interest in photography started growing. Most of my camera skills have been self-taught and I’m continually learning.

During seeding and harvest I help out by driving machinery, I love being involved in agriculture as well as photographing it and of course I always have my camera by my side when I’m on the tractor, because I’m always bound to see something I want to take a photo of!


I look forward to continuing to grow and learn with my photography and hope you enjoy following along, seeing the world through my eyes!

Ellie in paddock holding cameraPhoto collage of Ellie Morris riding horse and standing in front of header